Next Level Art


All of the pictures that I have taken here were all taken personally by me. I used a Nikon D3300 with both an 18mm-55mm and a 55mm-200mm lens. All of the pictures were taken in RAW format and then I edited them using Adobe Bridge and Photoshop. I have linked what the photos looked like before I edited them in Adobe Bridge and Photoshop to their respective pictures.

Starfish Pic
Carmen Pic
Green Tree Frog Pic
Nixon-Girls Pic
landscape2 Pic
Carmen Pic
Yellow & Black Frog Pic
Xmas 2015 Pic
Green Family Pic
Jr. Bday Pic
Jasmine Pic
John-TN Pic
Jr. Bday-2 Pic
Tiffany Pic
Jordan/Cailyn Pic
Julissa Grad. Pic
Nixon Family Pic
Cailyn Grad. Pic
Noah75 Pic
Christian Pic
Christian Bday Pic
Whale Shark Pic
Turtle Pic
Julissa Grad. 2 Pic
Drew Jr. Pic
Xmas Ornament Pic
Landscape2 Pic