Next Level Art


All of the pictures that I have taken here were all taken personally by me. I used a Nikon D3300 with both an 18mm-55mm and a 55mm-200mm lens. All of the pictures were taken in RAW format and then I edited them using Adobe Bridge and Photoshop. I have linked what the photos looked like before I edited them in Adobe Bridge and Photoshop to their respective pictures.

Charity, Jordan, Cailyn, Noah, Bernadine
Carmen Pic
Old Silver Back Gorrilla
John, Tiffany, and JJ
Carmen Pic
Silver Back Gorrilla
Xmas 2015 Pic
Green Family Pic
Flamingo Pic
Jasmine Pic
John-TN Pic
Giraffe Pic
Tiffany Pic
Jordan/Cailyn Pic
Julissa Grad. Pic
Nixon Family Pic
Cailyn Grad. Pic
Noah75 Pic
Christian Pic
Christian Bday Pic
Mother Gorrilla and baby Gorilla
Turtle Pic
African Elephant Pic
Drew Jr. Pic
Jordan Panama City Beach
Sumatuan Tiger Pic